Here at Country Willow Veterinary Hospital, we are happy to offer rehabilitation services to our patients.

After some surgeries (especially orthopedic and neurological surgeries) and certain injuries, some pets have problems with their balance, strength, and movement. In these instances and others, pets benefit from rehabilitation services.

Pets with arthritis and other forms of pain also can benefit from rehabilitation. These pets often have limited mobility and can find different forms of rehabilitation helpful.

We offer many different types of rehabilitation services, including strength training and floor exercises, and much more. We use these things to help your pets regain their strength and agility much more quickly than if they did not have therapy.

Rehabilitation is very personalized, so one of our therapists will meet with you and your pets to determine the best course of action for your pets. We will come up with a plan to help your pets reach whatever goals you have set for them

If you have any questions about our therapy program or think your pets will benefit, please contact us at (845) 610-6125 .